Optical lens cleaning made easy

the easy way to ensure optimum laser cutting performance.

NEW MATE LENSMATE™ Cleaning Tissue

  • Improve optics life and performance with this convenient and easy-to-use Mate maintenance accessory.
  • Description: Stapled 4" x 6" book, 25 tissues per book, perforated for easy removal.


LensMate™ lens cleaning tissue is formulated for demanding cleaning applications.

  • Extremely soft to reduce scratching
  • Long-fiber, lint free construction.
  • Residue free 100% bleached chemical wood pulp, cotton and
    linen fiber material.
  • Meets Federal Specification NNN-P-40B

    Benefits of regular lens cleaning:

  1. Extend lens life by reducing build up of contaminants that cause premature lens failure.
  2. Improved cutting performance and consistency by reducing absorption and thermal lensing.
  3. Avoid costly downtime and repairs from optics failure.


Note: Dry tissue will damage lens coatings.
Use ONLY when tissue is wet or saturated with solvent.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4
  1. Always wear powder-free finger cots or rubber gloves when cleaning lenses to prevent lens contamination from dirt, skin oils, etc.
  2. Place the optic on a clean lens tissue in a well lit work area.
  3. To begin cleaning, (Fig. 1) blow the lens with a clean air source (“canned air” or a squeeze bulb) to remove loose residue.
  4. Fold a tissue into halves or quarters. (Fig. 2) Moisten the tissue with several drops of high purity isopropyl alcohol or acetone.
  5. Carefully drag the tissue across the lens under the tissue’s own weight. If properly saturated, the tissue will leave a slight solvent trail, which dries quickly and evenly without streaking. (Fig. 3)
  6. DO NOT apply downward pressure or any scrubbing action—this will permanently damage the lens coating.
  7. The appropriate solvent should dissolve and suspend the contamination, which is re-absorbed by the tissue surface as it is dragged across the lens.
  8. Repeat using a clean tissue and additional solvent until the contaminant is fully removed.
  9. Finally, rinse the lens (Fig. 4) with high purity isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry a few minutes before remounting.

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